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Our Approach

Tapasya Foundation

First steps

Our unflinching focus for the first two years would be on pediatric palliative care of the poor and discarded sections of society. We will serve destitute children and cater to their needs in end-to-end fashion under the following priorities:

For the child:

  • Good food and proper sleep – we can equip the place with a full-fledged kitchen, and well-ventilated sleep areas
  • Pain relief – which the team of anesthetists will provide
  • Recreation and entertainment – we can install a variety of games, puzzles and leisure equipment. We can also incorporate high-end technologies like extended reality immersive gaming equipped with VR headsets which will make their last few weeks or months really enjoyable and positively engaging. We will also provide them space to create things – painting, bags, cartoons, just about anything they fancy.

For parents:

  • Psychological counselling for the parents to help cope with the gravity and enormity of the circumstances, the calming influence will in turn help them tend to their children’s special needs with equanimity and poise